Retrofit boats

GCK Mobility

Reducing air and noise pollution from water transport

GCK Mobility assists players in the nautical sector in their environmental approach (reduction of air and noise pollution). We adapt our retrofit solutions to the specific constraints of the field (regulations, IEC certifications).

Retrofit of Lake Annecy boats

The effects of global warming are particularly evident in Annecy, where hydrologists measure a drop in the level of the lake every summer. The Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac d’Annecy, which has a front row seat to observe these disturbances, decided to take action in March 2022 by signing an agreement with GCK Mobility for the retrofitting of five cruise boats with electric power. A “responsible approach towards future generations“, underlined Philippe Gausset, the company’s president.

Housed in the hold, GCK Battery‘s lithium-ion batteries are completely invisible to cruise passengers. The transformation allows to last one day without intermediate recharge, that is to say 10 hours in total at a cruising speed of 20 km/h.

e-Riva, sailing with emotion without pollution

Riva, a legendary brand; sublime boats that appeared in the 1950’s, symbols of refinement, elegance and Italian sportiness.

GCK Mobility has developed a retrofit kit dedicated to the 1966 Super Florida. The integration of the new electric motor offers excellent performance while maintaining the original centre of gravity. This makes the experience of a Riva ride even more fun and responsible.


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