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GCK Mobility in the service of decarbonization

GCK Mobility, manufacturer of the first French hydrogen bus, is a pioneer in the field of retrofitting. Our strength lies in our mastery of all the stages that make up a retrofit operation, from design to manufacturing and approval.

Project management from A to Z

A retrofit invariably begins with the dismantling of the combustion engine and ancillary components such as the fuel tank and exhaust system. This is followed by a reverse engineering phase, which consists of completely redesigning the vehicle in 3D, using a digital scanner and/or the original computer files supplied by the manufacturer. The design office then designs the layout of the various components, adapting the chassis to the new weight and space constraints (cut-outs, reinforcements). From the virtual to the real, the new components are then assembled at GCK Mobility’s industrial site on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand. Finally, the tests are carried out on the Charade circuit, operated by the GCK group.


The main stages of a retrofit
  • Removal of the engine (diesel or petrol) and tanks
  • 3D reverse engineering of the vehicle
  • 3D integration of the new power train
  • Assembly of the power chain
  • Connection to existing transmission
  • Integration of computers and software
  • Tests on the Charade circuit
  • Approval of conversions


Qualified partners

We work closely with the other entities of the GCK Group, in particular with GCK Battery for the storage of electricity in the vehicle and Solution F for the development of electric motors and hydrogen combustion engines. We also benefit from the data collected by GCK Motorsport, our racing team, which tests the technological solutions used in the retrofit by putting them to the test in the most extreme conditions, such as those encountered on the Dakar Rally. Finally, we can count on the know-how of qualified partners and suppliers such as Faurecia for hydrogen tanks or FEV and Symbio for fuel cells.


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