What is the approval process for a retrofit? GCK Mobility

A legal framework that differs according to the type of vehicle concerned

No approval is required from the buyer of a retrofitted vehicle. The conversion kits themselves are subject to prior approval. The experts of GCK Mobility lead this process as developer and manufacturer.

GCK Mobility works in collaboration with several specialized manufacturers (Iveco, Renault) as well as with its sister companies (GCK Battery, GCK Performance, Solution F) to develop kits for a wide range of models.

A retrofitted vehicle is covered by a warranty on all components of its propulsion chain (all new parts are covered). Each retrofitted vehicle also receives a conversion plate indicating the name of the kit manufacturer, the VIN number of the vehicle, the prototype approval number, and the reason “conversion of the motorization to electric”.

It is important to note that each vehicle type must be approved

A conclusive first

The GCK Mobility team has carried out its very first retrofit on a Lancia Delta Integrale from the 1980s. This project, initiated in 2020, allowed us to understand the process necessary to obtain the precious document delivered by the UTAC and to familiarize ourselves with the teams of the test laboratories.

It all started with an approval of the different technological bricks that make up the electric propulsion chain (regulation R.100 for the battery, R.85 for the electric motor).

Then it was the turn of the complete vehicle: compatibility test of the electromagnetic part; validation of the braking system and of our electric vacuum pump; control of steering and of our electric hydraulic pump; etc.

All this has enabled us to acquire the methodology that we are now deploying on other vehicles.

A certification process lasting several months

  • The approval of the various technological building blocks (fuel cells, batteries and electric motors) is a prerequisite. These elements are examined independently, each in turn.
  • The vehicle itself is then approved. The initial document is kept and only the elements that have evolved are subject to new procedures.
  • It is important to note that each minor type of vehicle must be approved

A builder-retrofilder status

“We are very close to the requirements of a traditional car manufacturer. The approval methodology is the same for both electric and hybrid electric-hydrogen retrofits. The process is identical, but each of the solutions has its own specificities involving the approval of different technological bricks.”

Stéphane Vidal
Deputy Managing Director of GCK Mobility


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