Electric-hydrogen retrofit

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Power and range with the fuel cell

Hybrid electric-hydrogen retrofitting involves replacing a vehicle’s internal combustion engine with an electric motor powered by a battery, which in turn is powered by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. The hydrogen provides the energy needed for greater range, while the medium-capacity battery provides a combination of power and performance. The capacity of the hydrogen tank determines the range of the whole vehicle

This type of retrofit is relevant for heavy vehicles – passenger transport, freight transport, off-road – where efficiency is largely based on range. Buses, trucks and construction vehicles have a sufficiently high intrinsic value to justify the investment in an electric-hydrogen retrofit. The conversion extends their life and allows them to continue to operate at controlled costs, without loss of performance or payload.

The benefits of hybrid electric-hydrogen retrofitting

  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • The vehicle emits only water
  • The comfort of electric with twice the range
  • Variations in external temperatures do not affect the autonomy
  • A quiet engine
  • Average filling time: 15 to 20 minutes.

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