The company

GCK Mobility

Clean mobility everywhere, for everyone

GCK Mobility participates in the emergence of clean mobility in all transport sectors, by offering complete products and services. The company benefits from the multiple skills of the GCK group and relies on the complementarity of the expertise of each entity. This 360-degree mastery allows perfect integration of the elements to be assembled as part of a vehicle retrofit (electric motor, battery, fuel cell).

Our expertise is based on key skills, with highly qualified engineers and technicians, trained in the challenges of sustainable mobility and the specificities of hydrogen.

50 employees
1 production site in the Puy de Dôme
2 propulsion systems
7 vehicles already in the catalog

A 360 degree expertise

“Our mastery of all the elements in the propulsion chain enables us to convert a wide range of vehicles to electric and hydrogen, while promoting the circular economy. Retrofitting is now a reliable and obvious technique for accelerating the decarbonization of transport.”

Eric Boudot
General Manager of GCK

Our strengths
Multidisciplinary approach through integration into the GCK group
Industrial and local production capacity
Mastery of powertrain components
Integrated design office
Approval & Service

A global vision of sustainable mobility

GCK Mobility stands out for its global approach to retrofit operations, partly thanks to its membership of the GCK group. From the development of appropriate technologies by other companies (GCK Battery, GCK Performance, Solution F) to testing on our test track (Charade circuit), everything is designed, assembled and developed internaly with our own tools. This sovereignty allows us to integrate our technological bricks into existing chassis with extreme finesse and infinite flexibility.

A focus on R&D

GCK Mobility relies on a design office made up of 20 engineers and senior technicians specialised in various fields (mechanics, systems, safety, approval). From the reverse engineering of the vehicle, to the integration of new mechanical and electrical elements, via the study of the resistance of materials… Our team takes care of everything!

Industrial production capacity

We retrofit a complete range of the most widely used heavy-duty vehicles on the market with electric and hydrogen power. This operation is carried out at our industrial site in Lempdes (Puy-de-Dôme). The conversion of vehicles in series can also be done in regional micro-factories deployed by GCK Mobility to meet the specific needs of its customers and thus promote local employment.

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