Heavy duty retrofit


Enhance your truck fleet with retrofitting

The transport sector, which is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, is changing to adapt to new environmental challenges. From this perspective, conversion to electric-hydrogen is a convincing solution for heavy goods vehicles, both from an ecological and financial point of view. « The economic relevance of retrofitting is better for heavy vehicles » confirms a study by Ademe, referring to the case of coaches and goods vehicles. Much less expensive than buying a new vehicle, the installation of a hybrid electric-hydrogen engine offers a range comparable to that of a diesel engine, while its hydrogen tanks can be filled in a few minutes.

DAF XF 480

This model, retrofitted by GCK Mobility, is powered by a battery and a fuel cell. A single filling of the tanks with compressed hydrogen at 700 bar allows the vehicle to travel 600 km.

Renault Trucks T480

This model is equipped with a compact and lightweight electric motor weighing only 150 kg and a fuel cell with a life of 12,000 hours / 700,000 kilometres. It retains its original top speed of 90 km/h, as well as its payload, and can cover up to 500 km on a single fill of hydrogen.

BOM Renault D Wide 19

Propulsée par un moteur électrique d’une puissance de 210 kW, cette benne à ordures ménagères (BOM) peut réaliser des missions avec un rayon d’action de 300 km, le tout sans émettre de CO2 ni de particules fines. Sa charge utile de 19 t et sa vitesse maximale de 90 km/h sont conservées. La durée de vie de la pile à combustible qu’elle embarque est de 700 000 km avec une garantie 3 ans ou de 12 000 heures.

Powered by a 210 kW electric motor, this refuse collection vehicle (RCV) can carry out missions with a range of 300 km, all without emitting CO2 or fine particles. The 19 t payload and the maximum speed of 90 km/h are retained. The life of the fuel cell on board is 700,000 km with a 3-year warranty or 12,000 hours.


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