Electrical-battery retrofit


The simplest solution

This process consists of replacing the internal combustion engine of a vehicle with an electric device operating with one or more batteries. The engine block – either petrol or diesel – is removed along with all related components (gearbox, tanks, catalysts). In its place, a new electric powertrain is installed, coupled with a gearbox if necessary.

The 100% battery retrofit is a relevant solution for passenger cars, as well as for vehicles whose use does not require a great autonomy, or for those where the on-board weight is not a major constraint, such as freshwater cruise ships.

For heavy vehicles such as coaches, it is more appropriate to switch to electric motors with hybrid battery and hydrogen fuel cell power.

The benefits of electrical retrofitting

  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Dense public charging network
  • Allows travel in low emission zones (LEZ)
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • A quiet engine.


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