The company

GCK Mobility

Clean mobility everywhere, for everyone

GCK Mobility is specialized in the electric and hydrogen retrofit of all types of heavy vehicles.

Our company aims to use technological innovation as a powerful lever to support the emergence of clean mobility in all sectors: road (coaches, buses, utilities, trucks), off-road (snow groomers, agricultural machinery, construction equipment), nautical (yachts, cruise ships) and soon aeronautical (aircraft).

A 360 degree expertise

« Our mastery of all the elements in the propulsion chain enables us to convert a wide range of vehicles to electric and hydrogen, while promoting the circular economy. Retrofitting is now a reliable and obvious technique for accelerating the decarbonization of transport. »

Eric Boudot
General Manager of GCK

50 employees
1 production site in the Puy de Dôme
3 motorization systems
7 vehicles already in the catalog

A global vision of sustainable mobility

GCK Mobility stands out by its global approach of retrofit operations, and this is partly due to its belonging to the GCK group. From the development of the appropriate technologies by our sister companies (GCK Battery, GCK Performance, Solution F) to the tests on our test track (Charade circuit), everything is designed, assembled and developed in-house with our own tools. This sovereignty allows us to integrate our technological bricks in existing chassis with an extreme finesse and an infinite flexibility.

Design, manufacture and development of innovative technologies by sister companies of the GCK Group (lithium-ion batteries, electric motors, fuel cells, hydrogen combustion engine);

Integration of these solutions in all types of vehicles: cars, utilities, buses, coaches trucks, off-roads, boats, etc.


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