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The electric-hydrogen retrofit of a coach or bus makes it possible to improve air quality in urban areas by limiting pollutant emissions. According to a study by Ademe, retrofitting a bus costs barely more than the prolonged use of a diesel vehicle. Moreover, the conversion costs half as much as the purchase of a new vehicle.


GCK Mobility has a solid interdisciplinary expertise, which allows our teams to carry out a tailor-made retrofit for long-distance transport vehicles (coaches) or proximity vehicles (city buses). The installation of a hybrid electric-hydrogen solution, associated with a braking energy recovery system, enables the original characteristics and performance (payload, speed, range) to be maintained. The positioning and sizing of the hydrogen tanks are optimised so as not to reduce the space in the hold.

Urbanway bus

Used for passenger transport in urban areas, the Iveco Urbanway retrofitted as an electric-hydrogen vehicle by GCK Mobility retains its original functionality and is characterised by a range of up to 300 km thanks in particular to the integration of a fuel cell with a maximum power of 75 kW. This conversion allows GCK Mobility to contribute to the acceleration of the decarbonisation of city centres.


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Crossway LOW ENTRY coach

The Iveco Crossway Low Entry retrofitted by GCK Mobility is a vehicle suitable for both urban and interurban missions. With 25 kg of hydrogen in 700 bar tanks, the vehicle can travel up to 300 km. It has no weather restrictions and maintains the same performance as the original in terms of maximum speed and maximum gradient.


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Iveco Crossway coach

Versatile and reliable, this intercity and school transport vehicle offers one of the best quality/price ratios in its segment. It is therefore natural that we have chosen this platform to build the very first French hydrogen-powered coach to be unveiled in November 2022. After conversion, the Iveco Crossway will retain its original characteristics and performance (payload, speed, range).

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Some figures

In 2021, nearly 5 million passengers were carried in France (+18% compared to 2020) for an average of 300 km travelled per passenger. More than 160 cities are served in France by regular lines for a total of more than 600 daily trips.

It is estimated that, on average, the user of a coach (carrying 26 people) pollutes three times less than the user of a car (carrying 2.2 people). But a diesel coach still emits 30 grams of CO2 per passenger per kilometre.

At the last census on 1 January 2020, the coach fleet amounted to 69,050 units of which 99.4% are diesel powered. In France, more than half of the coaches currently on the road were put into circulation more than 5 years ago and are therefore, according to French regulations, eligible for retrofitting.

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